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The Vagina


Past Events

The Vagina Dialogues- International Women's Day Edition.

The Drake Hotel


March 8th, 2018

// Vagina 101 //

Everything you didn't know about Vaginas with Dr Marnie Luck ND

As a gynecological medical model during her studies, Dr. Marnie Luck ND became well-versed in vaginal health from a patient perspective. Throughout her training, it became clear there is a gap in women’s knowledge about their own bodies. Now, her Toronto-based naturopathic practice focuses on educating women while treating everything from menopause, to menstrual concerns, to fertility.  


// Women in 2018

Power & Progress //

An Open Dialogue with Some of Toronto's Amazing Women



Joanna Griffiths - Founder and CEO of Knixwear. 


Knixwear is a brand that is reinventing intimates for real life. Since launching the company in 2013, Joanna has built knixwear into a global leader in the intimates’ category while building a community of women who are passionately taking on life by breaking down the taboos and boundaries that get in their way.

Viktoria Kalenteris - Self-Empowerment & Intimacy Coach

Viktoria's own experiences with trauma and healing lead to her diverse training in the fields of Tibetan tantra, sex therapy and various approaches to counselling. She empowers women to be mindfully aware and always within their boundaries of safety, consent and comfort levels with respect, honour and trust with themselves, first and foremost and then reciprocally with others.

Dr. Cheryl Rowe MD - Community Psychiatrist

Cheryl Rowe has been practising psychiatry for over 30 years. Her interest in community psychiatry, feminism, women's mental health and social justice is apparent in her approach to patient care, having worked with women at Sistering for the past 10 years.

Joyce Lo - Creative Director, Drake Hotel

Co-founder and curator of the Drake General store, Joyce’s unique style can now be found at 7 different locations. Mom of 2, she has integrated life with kids while continuing to direct the distinct style behind the Drake

Charlotte Langley - Chef and Culinary Curator

Charlotte has over 10 years of practice as a chef & culinarian, and in that time has forged a reputation for herself as a creative multi-tasker utterly dedicated to the art and craft of cooking. She continues to approach her career and building community balances sass and sexuality with knowledge and skill.


The Vagina Dialogues-

Debut Event 

Wenona Lodge

November 4th, 2017

// Everything Health Class Never Taught You & The Questions Google Can't Answer //

with Dr Marnie Luck ND

Understanding your lady parts in all their glory. No beating around the bush. 

An interactive presentation and cocktail night going over all of those unanswered questions like:

“Is this normal?”

“What’s happening with my hormones?”

“How does my birth control pill or IUD work?”

“Is the withdrawal method effective?”

“How do I maintain my fertility while avoiding pregnancy?”



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