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The Vagina Dialogues brings people together to demystify the vagina.


We’ve all felt the shame and uncertainty. We’ve all used the silly code names and questionable products labelled “for her”. We all know this, because among friends, we’ve all shared stories of frustration, hilarity, and enlightenment.


Let’s bring it out in the open.


Empowerment's a loaded word. It's also different for everyone—everything from coming out as non-binary, to just being able to say the word “cunt” out loud.


The goal isn't to convert us all to the same cues and beliefs, but to open our perspectives to what swagger looks, sounds, and feels like for people of all walks of life. This is the Vagina Dialogues. A space for the spoken and heard.

When Dr. Marnie Luck realized she felt awkward about getting intimate with her own vagina while modelling for medical students, she suddenly became uncomfortable about being uncomfortable.


Now an ND specializing in women’s health, she’s met more women than she could count who had little knowledge about their vaginas. She’s also come across too many contradictory sources of information— online, offline, well-intentioned or otherwise.


Enter: the Vagina Dialogues. Founded as a safe space, the Dialogues’ mission is to validate the many shades of “normal” when it comes to our bodies and how we feel about them.

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